Sunday, February 3, 2013

ObrazekThis blog will be shut down within a month or so, but fear not ;), I am just moving.

Blogger isn't doing it for me so I decided to move to wordpress, which suits me fine. Decision was triggered by impulse to continue my blog, which was neglected too long.

I also want to refresh blog's formula. Instead solely social matters, now Zalbarath's Blog will contain all kind of entries - from spirituality to music, films, social matters, business, fun, whatever feel right at the moment. I as a person have various interests and my life is complex enough to cover different areas. Rigid topical compartmentalization just don't work for me and besides, blogs should be personal and free.
Satanic life? It isn't so much different from any other person's life. But I must admit, although I have my fair share of challenges (that people usually call problems, but this is skewed view, challenges are for us to grow, learn, manage them, they add to life) I am happy :D. Happiness is not something random, it's worked out! Hopefully this will shine through my posts as well :).

Will the new formula and life events motivate me to more recent blog updates? Time will tell. I am defenitely not a blogger type so I won't overwhelm you with posts but I am trying to be more socially active since social skills are essential in bussines and that is my most recent focus. That and a healthy lifestyle, my new cat (maine coon), family matters and... Ugh, you get the picture. But that makes life interesting :)
Hail Satan! Hail to Thyself!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No to ACTA - End of EU - Begining of the Cyber War

As you all are probably well aware, mass protests against ACTA agreement strike all over the globe. In Poland is no deferent. Since I was not following carefully what is happening elsewhere, it's hard to compare, but protests in Poland are very strong and decisive.

Government sites were attacked and blocked since many days. There are moments they are restored but quickly go down. The site of prime minister was hacked and replaced (defaced) few days ago with genius YT movie, intelligently and humorously parodying war state announcement of gen. Jaruzelski in 1981, this time announcing war state on the area of the whole Internet.

Here is link to polish version.

Here is link to version with English subtitles.

Here is link to video explaining the possible threats of ACTA with polish dubbing.
Here is link to video explaining the possible threats of ACTA in English.

With the curse of action, true alliances were shown. Donald Tusk, prominent polish politician, since now was supported by many young people stubbornly refuses to react and insist on signing ACTA, now is finished in eyes of younger generations. SLD (left wing) suspended their site as a sign of solidarity with internauts. Janusz Palikot, a new, refreshing, very liberal politic force joined Anti-ACTA demonstration in Warsaw, so luckily there are politicians joining the fight.

I'm not naive and I am well aware that many politicians make this opportunistic statements to support their carers but does it matter? Right now, they support the majority, while officials of the government react against the will of people, claiming they will not lay down because of brutal force, terrorist attacks and so on. The problem is, that terrorists are small groups of extremists. But now, the whole nations are uprising. Do we have democracy or not? Does government has allowance to make basic life altering decisions without majority agreement and consensus? Is majority a terrorist cell? Many complain that attacks are childish, imature and only lead to stronger decision of agreeing on ACTA. But guess what - if government make such dead serious decisions against the will of society, society feels BETRAYED, VIOLATED, ENDANGERED by the people who in theory should represent their interest. Government people are too often used to think that they could do everything within boundaries of legal protocols to ensure coherence, safety, functionality of a state. However, in democracy there should be boundaries and when those basic boundaries are crossed, people react in only way they can, they protest, make uprising. If legal system is used to violate people, people will violate the system. It's that simple.

I am also aware that fears about ACTA are somewhat overblown. There is no way that Internet Providers could monitor successfully all that millions or even billions of people. But the fact that government make strong statement of lack of trust against ALL CITIZENS and try to implement more controlling that violates personal privacy and freedom, shows clearly that government went the wrong turn. It's not democratic anymore. It's a police state and it too much reminds of communism.
It's like going out and having potential, invisible persons looking over our shoulders and judging against us, when we say something, even unawarely against the current law. In most cases, there would be not enough such persons to check out every person at a time, but the fact of such possibility institute such strong boundaries that we could be as well as in prison. Every person is potential suspect, potential criminal.

There is opposite quality to safety and freedom. We like them both, but freedom is always more fundamental. Would you like to live in prison if it would mean entire lack of concerns for your financial status, future, health, care, because system does all this for you but only if you stay within those small four walls. It wuld be good if you had a choice but no, we provide you with this so you have to stay here and behave as we tell you. No way.

I choose freedom over safety.
I choose freedom over forced social fairness.
I choose freedom over law and order.

Safety, fairness, order, even laws have their place but they must come from us, from our choice. They are merely guidelines how to create society, not not-crossable boundaries. We can't be forced to obey those. History taught us that ever when laws were more restrictive then human spirit, human spirit prevails it, finding new ways to express itself, sometimes in more extreme way, because of those restrictions and break down of a restrictive system is imminent.

Even when ACTA are not so scary as we may fear, they create window, an opportunity to further, more extreme steps along the way. It's an old tactic, make a small agreement and stronger would follow and we won't notice when we are forced extremely to do something against our very nature. So we CAN'T allow even for smallest compromise in that matter.

I always have been wholehearted advocate of EU but recent events forced me to reevaluate my opinion. EU is in deep crisis and what it does? New laws which promote distrust and that always creates overblown administration, which would cost fortune. But there is no enough money right now in EU... It looks like EU is tiding its own rope.
Maybe ideals were noble at the beginning but now EU, like many governments, made very basic mistake. There is no unity, only will of control. Everything slips of EU hands. ACTA are the last, desperate attempt but it will build only another nail to the coffin.
We can't allow small group of people to steer our lifes so deeply. If EU is about to crash, then let it burn I say. Let the changes come, because the present form of EU has no longer right of existence. It doesn't work.

I regret that I don't have any hacker skills, but I am sure that the tools for regular Internet user, will be created, if they aren't already, to join the Cyber War. If politicians will insist, regular people will join forces with hackers to fight off the violence inflicted on our freedom, both in Internet and real world.

Find the petition sites in your area and sign it. Tell your family, spread the words, let them join.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My new Tarot site! And fresh article on WordPress!

Hi, I opened a new site, Zalbarath Tarot, where I offer free tarot readings! Check it out!

Also on my Satan's Den page on WordPress I published a new article - Ego and Satanism.

Thanks for the visit :).

Friday, August 13, 2010

Moving blog here and creating a site on WordPress

I’m transforming my WordPress journal into more regular site, while moving blog posts here.

Be patient – Satan's Den is under construction!

Monday, April 26, 2010

IRC demonolatry channel

I set lately IRC channel called #demonolatry on DalNet IRC server. I’m not present there 24/7 but often enough – I usually have my IRC client opened when I work on my comp (and that is pretty often). If I’m not there VenusSatanas is watching the channel as co-moderator.

So if you want to talk, ask questions, visit me at: irc://dalnet/demonolatry

Since I’m Theistic Satanist first and Demonolator secondary, my channel focuses on topics related to Theistic Satanism and Demonolatry .

Note: IRC channels are quiet as long as someone isn’t participating actively. Moderators and regular visitors know each other long enough so we don’t talk all the time. We wait for initiative of new comers. So if you intend to lurk there, you will probably wait long. So if you have questions or specific topic on your mind, just say hi and post it. We are not all the time waiting if someone shows up, so most probably you will need to wait patiently a little bit till we respond. That’s how things on IRC usually work. If you use Fierefox, I recommend to install Chatzilla add-on. It’s simple and users friendly, at least comparing to other IRC clients.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More then a belief

Yesterday I was talking with (non theistic) satanist and was trying shortly to explain my beliefs. Then he answered that it sounded so nice that he was tempted to turn into theistic form of satanism.

That got me thinking. It was never my intention to encourage anyone. And actually there was something wrong in that thought. It should be more than that.

It’s not about the belief like it is usually taken for example in Christianity. It’s something more. I didn’t simply choose theistic satanism. It just happened but definitely not coincidentally. Beside the fact that I had mystical experience with Satan (prior to the belief; in fact I wasn’t believing in his existence before), my whole personality was a match to his vibration and ideas of theistic satanism. It resonated deeply with my inner being. It allowed me to focus on my divine power. It felt (and still feels) right, like my whole life was aiming toward it. When I deliberately decided to embrace it, I finally felt complete like I had reached my goal. I was (and still am) in exactly right place. From this place I can go further in new and better direction. My path had been cleared out, I gained better purpose. I knew where I was standing and knew where I was heading. It gave me power, strong direction and joy of movement.

It is beyond wordy description. Choice was only right step but it was a turning point of my spiritual development. So it was and is never about simple choice of belief. It is continuous mystical experience which is a part of me, part of my soul.

A thought that someone may chose the belief from simple liking sounds plainly wrong. There must be more then just casual preference. Love, destiny, highest spiritual goal. Whatever worlds we may choose to describe it, it must reach the core of your inner being, heart of your soul.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Childern in “Rainbow Families” are ok

I came across an interesting article. Below I put a fragment translated by me, original article (in German language) and link to it.

A new studies from Germany shows that children raised in “rainbow families” have no disadvantages. Four years ago a German Justice Secretary – Brigitte Zypries (SPD) – commissioned an assignment for Bavarian National Institute for Family Studies (Bayerischen Staatsinstitut für Familienforschung) on the Bamberg University and National Institute for Early Pedagogy (Staatsinstitut für Frühpädagogik) in München. [...]

In German examination were asked 700 Parents and 100 Children, who live in registered partnership. Thus the sample was more then sufficient; in Germany altogether 2200 Children are being raised in homosexual partnership marriages. The result is: “Child well being in rainbow families is protected in the same way as in other forms of families.” There is no differences between parents in partnership or in heterosexual marriage. There has been no clues for increased tendency for depression. “Child well being doesn’t require upbringing in classical model of different sex parents” refers a scientist. Moreover the majority of children have no experiences with discrimination of their parent’s sexual preference. [...]

More is to find on the

Here is full text in German:

Eine neue Studie aus Deutschland beweist, dass Kinder in Regenbogenfamilien keine Nachteile haben. Die deutsche Justizministerin Brigitte Zypries (SPD) hatte die Untersuchung vor vier Jahren beim Bayerischen Staatsinstitut für Familienforschung an der Universität Bamberg und dem Staatsinstitut für Frühpädagogik in München in Auftrag gegeben.

»Heute ist ein guter Tag für alle, die auf Fakten statt auf Vorurteile setzen – gerade bei weltanschaulich besetzten Themen«, verkündete die Bundesjustizministerin in Berlin. Ihr Fazit: »Dort, wo Kinder geliebt werden, wachsen sie auch gut auf. Entscheidend ist eine gute Beziehung zwischen Kind und Eltern und nicht deren sexuelle Orientierung«. Die Studie belege »auf wissenschaftlich fundierter Grundlage, dass Familie dort ist, wo Kinder sind«.

In der deutschen Studie wurden rund 700 Eltern und 100 Kinder in befragt, die in Eingetragenen Lebenspartnerschaften aufwachsen. Damit sei die Untersuchung »überrepräsentativ«, da insgesamt nur 2.200 Kinder mit Eltern in einer Homo-Ehe in Deutschland aufwüchsen. Ergebnis: »Das Kindeswohl ist in Regenbogenfamilien genauso gewahrt wie in anderen Familienformen.« Es gebe keine Unterschiede zwischen Eltern in Lebenspartnerschaften und Eltern in einer (heterosexuellen) Ehe. So fänden sich keine Anhaltspunkte für eine erhöhte Neigung zu Depressionen. »Für das Kindeswohl ist es nicht erforderlich, dass die Erziehung nach dem klassischen Rollen-Modell von verschiedenen Geschlechtern gleichermaßen übernommen wird«, so die Forscher. Zudem verfügte eine Mehrheit der Kinder über keine Diskriminierungserfahrungen wegen der sexuellen Orientierung der Eltern.

Zypries fordert bereits seit längerem das Adoptionsrecht für Lebenspartner. Derzeit dürfen Homosexuelle in Deutschland zwar einzeln Kinder adoptieren, eine Adoption durch ein Gay-Paar ist aber in Deutschland verboten. SPD, FDP, Grüne und Linkspartei sprechen sich für die Gleichberechtigung von verpartnerten Paaren in der Frage des Adoptionsrechts aus, lediglich die Union lehnt dies mit Verweis auf das »Kindeswohl« ab. Zypries will erreichen, dass die Gleichberechtigung in der nächsten Legislaturperiode Gesetz wird.

In mehreren Interviews hat die deutsche Justizministerin am Donnerstag erklärt, dass sie eine Gleichbehandlung von (verpartnerten) Schwulen und Lesben erwarte. Allerdings weist sie darauf hin, dass es zehn Mal mehr adoptionswillige Elternpaare als Adoptionskinder gebe. Auch wenn nur wenige verpartnerte Paare von Adoptionen profitieren könnten, sei eine Gleichberechtigung in dieser Frage dennoch wichtig, erklärte sie im Deutschlandfunk: »Der wesentliche Punkt ist erst mal, dass wir mit den rechtlichen Voraussetzungen eine der formalen Diskriminierungen von homosexuellen Paaren noch beseitigen.«

Der Lesben- und Schwulenverband in Deutschland (LSVD) zeigte sich von den Ergebnissen der Studie nicht überrascht. Es habe bereits viele Untersuchungen im angloamerikanischen Raum gegeben, in denen nachgewiesen wurde, dass Schwule und Lesben dem Kindeswohl nicht schadeten, erklärte LSVD-Sprecherin Uta Kehr – und appellierte an die deutsche Regierung: »Beenden Sie die bestehenden Diskriminierungen von Regenbogenfamilien im Familienalltag! Schaffen Sie ein Recht auf Familiengründung, unabhängig von der sexuellen Orientierung!«.

»Kinder wachsen bei zwei Müttern oder zwei Vätern, also bei Regenbogeneltern, genau so gut auf wie in anderen Lebensgemeinschaften. Für das Kindeswohl ist es nicht erforderlich, dass die Erziehung nach dem klassischen Rollen-Modell von verschiedenen Geschlechtern gleichermaßen übernommen wird. Maßgeblich ist vielmehr eine gute Eltern-Kind-Beziehung unabhängig vom Geschlecht der Eltern «, so Peter Traschkowitsch, Bundes- und Wiener Landesvorsitzender der SoHo (Sozialdemokratie und Homosexualität).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here is an interesting video – an excerpt from meetings with Abraham, which is group of non-physical consciousnesses talking through Eshter Hicks. In this video Abraham is touching the subject of gay rights.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Soltice rites

I wish you successful coming winter 2008 Solstice Rites to Mithras, Osiris, Belial or other Demons.

Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial